• DJ Boring @ Monarch: Good set. Friend wanted to leave early so didn’t catch most of the set.
  • Bedouin @ The Midway: With Grace. She was visiting SF for work. The set was wild, with aerial performers, painters etc.
  • BLACK COFFEE @ 1015 Folsom: With Grace. Party on a Tuesday night.
  • Honey Dijon @ 1015 Folsom: With Michael, Grace and the gang.
  • BICEP @ 1015 Folsom: Party that was hyped up, but did not follow through. Maybe I was just tired.


  • Lusine: Two Dots, Retrace, Step On, Not Alone
  • Ross from Friends: Pale Blue Dot
  • Shigeto: Fight Club
  • Skee Mask: Flyby Vfr, Via Sub Mids
  • FEYNMAN: pray for us
  • Mall Grab: Strangers, Growing Pains, Elegy, Walls to Build (Remix)
  • Elohim: braindead – this isn’t house or techno, interesting how it came up on my recommendations.
  • Tycho: Japan
  • CFCF: Closed Space
  • G Jones: Arbiter’s Theme


  • Was in NYC for work 28th - 30th. Good time catching up with old friends.