house music, for lazy people!

October 2019


  • DJ Boring @ Monarch: Good set. Friend wanted to leave early so didn’t catch most of the set.
  • Bedouin @ The Midway: With Grace. She was visiting SF for work. The set was wild, with aerial performers, painters etc.
  • BLACK COFFEE @ 1015 Folsom: With Grace. Party on a Tuesday night.
  • Honey Dijon @ 1015 Folsom: With Michael, Grace and the gang.
  • BICEP @ 1015 Folsom: Party that was hyped up, but did not follow through. Maybe I was just tired.


  • Lusine: Two Dots, Retrace, Step On, Not Alone
  • Ross from Friends: Pale Blue Dot
  • Shigeto: Fight Club
  • Skee Mask: Flyby Vfr, Via Sub Mids
  • FEYNMAN: pray for us
  • Mall Grab: Strangers, Growing Pains, Elegy, Walls to Build (Remix)
  • Elohim: braindead – this isn’t house or techno, interesting how it came up on my recommendations.
  • Tycho: Japan
  • CFCF: Closed Space
  • G Jones: Arbiter’s Theme


  • Was in NYC for work 28th - 30th. Good time catching up with old friends.

September 2019


  • Dax J @ F8: Good set. Came alone, but saw Arthur before leaving.
  • Boiler Roof: Invitation from Tyler. Met some people I’ll probably run into at other events.
  • Palms Trax @ The Great Northern: Post boiler roof. Great set.
  • Ross from Friends @ 1015 Folsom: Heard Pale Blue Dot by Ross from Friends for the first time. Heavily remixed than the Spotify release. Wish I could hear it again.
  • Ghostly 20 (Shigeto, Lusine, Khotin) @ The Midway: Amazing set. Encountered two really amazing artists – Lusine (IDM) and Khotin (Lo-Fi). Shigeto played an amazing drum set.


  • Harrison BDP: Bamboo, Decompression (not on Spotify yet)
  • Leon Vynehall: Butterflies, Time
  • Peggy Gou: Maktoop
  • Lone: Blue Moon Tree
  • Skee Mask: Routine, Session Add
  • Khotin: Baikal Acid
  • Honey Dijon: 808 State of Mind

P.S: September was a packed month :0

August 2019


  • Bonobo @ The Midway: With Arthur. Good set. Found DJ Harvey.
  • Miles Davis @ Envelop SF: With Grace, Michael & Arthur.
  • Yaeji @ MEZZANINE: With Gyu. Third time seeing Yaeji (After El Club in Detroit and Movement). She’s becoming more industrial every time I see her.
  • Randomer @ Public Works: With Gyu and Arthur.


  • Randomer: Bring
  • Bonobo: Linked
  • Lauer: Gammelan
  • Tibi Dabo: Her Moon
  • Jamie xx: Gosh
  • DJ FANTA: Beach House – on repeat for a while.

July 2019


  • Audiotistic 2019: Day before FB start date. Would not go again.
  • George Fitzgerlad @ 1015: Good set. Interesting transitions.


  • George Fitzgerland: Siren Calls / Reset
  • Peggy Gou: Starry Night
  • Ross from Friends: The Revolution


Songs to build machine learning models to, by a machine learning model.

Collections of songs I listen to while working, battle tested from robotics labs in Ann Arbor to tech giants in Silicon Valley. Songs are sourced from Spotify’s collaborative filtering algorithms.

Inspired by the VICE article, “Is Lo-Fi House the First Genre of the Algorithm Age?”.

Lo-Fi Machine Learning

Ross from Friends / Yaeji / DJ Seinfield / Leon Vynehall & more.

Psychedelic Machine Learning

Tame Impala / Glass Animals / Jamie XX & more.